About me

I'm a software developer from The Netherlands who specializes in back-end development for websites. If you would like to contact me, you can send me an e-mail at rutger[at]rutgermensch[dot]com.


What technologies do you use?

These days I mostly use Python, PHP and Node.js. I'd like to learn Scheme.

Do you also do front-end development?

Sometimes. Although I specialize in back-end development, I enjoy front-end development as well. I have experience with jQuery, MooTools, AngularJS and Knockout, among others.

How did you learn to code?

Initially I was self-taught. I've been interested in HTML and later CSS from a young age, and started developing dynamic websites in 2008, when I took it upon myself to create a website for the Dutch Super Smash Bros. community. I enjoyed it so much that I continued coding on other projects, and in 2011 I turned my passion into my job when I started working full-time as a PHP developer for Dutch Digital Agency MediaMonks.

Where is the travel map that used to be on this page?

In 2014 I went on an extended trip to (mostly) Asia which ended up lasting more than a year. While I was traveling I maintained a map of my route on this website, which can still be found here.